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Blessed Is The Man

A Short Film By Asaf Saban

Israel, 2018
Running time: 13 min
Producer, Writer, Director: Asaf Saban
Director of Photography: David Rudoy
Editors: Neta Braun, Asaf Saban
Cast: Amos Deutsch, Adar Asias, Eliana Schejter, Eyal Salama Composer: Yoni Niv
Sound designer: Nin Hazan
Line Producers: Kobi Azran, Matan Gaida
Art Director and Costume Designer: Galya Avidar
Casting: Rachel Shalame
Source: Abra Filmhouse, Israel

Baruch, a loner petty man, is used to be invisible to other people and he is making his living by doing small dirty tricks. Following a friendly gesture, he is confronted by an unexpected judge - a boy who shares a similar misfortune.

Director's Note
In the film BLESSED IS THE MAN I wanted to create a character who is portrayed solely by his little actions. Baruch (meaning Blessed in Hebrew) is a man on the move, who developed his own poetic ways to earn a dollar. Inspired by the works of Robert Bresson and the Italian neorealism, I've casted a non-actor for the lead role, wishing to create a glimpse, yet complex, portrait of a simple man.

The film BLESSED IS THE MAN was made with the support of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund and the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts.

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