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Nach Der Heilung

Video, Image Projection, LED Sign, Sound, Performance, 13min loop

7 Immediacies Series, New York


HaTeiva Marathon, HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Nach Der Heilung (After/towards Healing) names, in fact, a cluster of projects based on a found footage documenting a treatment of an anonymous WWI German soldier suffering from shellshock (known today known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The original film, taken at Hamburg Eppendorf Hospital in 1916/1917, shows a the phyco-somatic symptoms of shellshock as well as the therapeutic practice of the neurologist Max Nonne.

Nach Der Heilung examines the notion of the body as a site of transgression and domination, and the intimate, reciprocal relationship between pathology and poetics. Absorbed to a point of identification by the image of this tortured body, I (re)turned to this footage over the years in several different projects. It has been presented at different configurations as part of the group exhibitions Mother, Ravens! (2012); Sound Fossils and De-Tech (2015). In addition, I have presented two performance versions of the piece: the first in collaboration with Michal Semama (vocals, performance), Shoko Nagai (accordion) and Satoshi Takehisi (percussion, electronics) at 7 Immediacies Series, New York, 2012. A second version was presented at HaTevia Marathon, Tel Aviv in 2013 in collaboration with Meria Asher and Ensemble Musica Nova.

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