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Yonatan Niv                                         February 2022


2 Harabi MeVitebsk, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel
Mobile Phone: 972-50-5565622
Higher Education

Doctoral Dissertation:
Tempus Beyond the Pleasure Principle: 20th Century Composition and the Unconscious
Dissertation committee: Prof. Jairo Moreno (Chair), Prof. Michael Beckerman, Prof. Elizabeth Hoffman, Prof. Jacques Lezra, Dr. Steven Smith

Academic Positions in Institutes of Higher Education

Academic Administration
Referee at Final Project exhibitions.  New Music Department, Musrara School of Art. 2012 -Present.
Curriculum Development. The Advanced Study Program for Sound Art and Experimental Music, Musrara School of Art, 2012-14.
Teaching Committee. New Music Department, Musrara School of Art. 2014-2017.
Exhibitions and Art Projects  
Solo Exhibitions and Projects, Israel
Nach Der Hielung. Music Theater. For Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and Vocalist. HaTeiva Marathon. HaTeiva, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Dan Yuhas, 2014.
Philosophy of Poverty (with Lior Waterman). Music Theater. For Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and Narrators. Center for Contemporary Art, (CCA), Tel Aviv, 2017.
Cursed Spirits: Exercises in Continental Philosophy. With Miri Segal as part of her exhibition Miriage. Herzeliya Museum for Contemporary Art, Herzeliya. Curator: Aya Luria, 2018.
Soldiers Talk: Prologue (In collaboration with Tom Soloveitzik & Uri Noam). 4 Channel Video Installation. Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2018.
Soldier’s Talk: In your Presence (Performance Version). For Live Performers and 4-Channel Video Installation. HaTevia, Tel Aviv, 2018.
Mar Chaim: The Fish is the Head of the Bird. Audio-Visual Poem. Tel Aviv Museum, 2020.
b. Group Exhibitions, Israel
Mother, Ravens! The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. Curator: Ido Govrin, 2012.
Interference. Lousy Art and Projects, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Meir Lousy, 2014.
Sound Fossils. Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Karine Shabtai, 2015.  
De-Tech. Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curator: Maya Dvash, 2015.
c. Curated Exhibitions, Israel
The Auditory Canal: Sound Between Vibration and Thought. Musrara New Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Yoni Niv, 2013.
The Collective Enunciation of the Canine Species. The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. Curator: Yoni Niv, 2015.
Encore! An Evening of Reenactments. The Advanced Study Program, Hamidrasha. HaTeiva, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yoni Niv, 2016.  
Does Not Stop Not Being Written. The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. Curator: Yoni Niv, 2018.
d. Group Exhibitions Abroad
Graphic Scores. Philharmoniki Center of Potamos, Kythira Island, Greece. Curators: Valery Bolotin and Masha Zusman, 2018.
Music Compositions for Art Installations and Movies
Israel Eats Itself (with Elad Schneiderman). 5.1 Surround Sound for Tobaron Waxman’s Multi-Media Installation. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto Canada. Erika Hennebury, curator, 2008; Vidance Festival for Video Dance. Tel Aviv, Ramallah, 2009; MIX NYC Festival, New York. Curated by Kate Huh, 2010; Smack Mellon 20th Anniversary Exhibition. Curator: Carlotta Kotik, 2016.
Naama. Hilla ben Ari’s exhibition at Museum of Art, Ein Harod. Curator: Galia Bar-Or, 2015; Jerusalem Film Festival, 2015.
Rethinking Broken Lines. Hilla ben Ari exhibition at Herzeliya Museum for Contemporary Art. Curator: Tal Yahas. 2017.
Blessed is the Man (15 min Film). Director: Asaf Saban, 2018.
The Voice that Calls to Itself.  Hilla Ben Ari exhibition. Ticho House, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Timna Seligman, 2021.
Festival and Professional Events
Festivals and Events in Israel
Times/Zones: Homage to John Cage. Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tel Aviv and the Academy of Arts, Berlin. Curators: Yoni Niv, Elad Schenderman and Adiya Porat, 2012.
Musica Nova at Tzlil Meudkan New Music Festival. Beit Ha’ir, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Yaron Deutsch, 2012.
Teffach. Percussion and Resonating Objects. Yaffo 23 Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Roy Brand, 2012.
Musica Nova Concert at Traces – The Biennale for Drawing. Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curator: Tal Yahas, 2013.
Slil. For String Quartet. Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Ayelet Lerman, 2013.
Vorstellungsrepräsentanz. For Analog Electronics and Soprano Sax Tectonics Festival. Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv, 2015.
Vorstellungsrepräsentanz. Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem. Musrara School of Arts, Jerusalem. Curator: Ilan Geen, 2015.
Walk: Musica Nova at Diver Festival. Tel Aviv Museum. Curator: Ido Feder, 2016.
Deviation. For Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet and Resonating Piano, 2016. Tzlil Meudkan New Music Festival. Felijica Blumental Music Center, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Yaron Deutsch, 2016.
Musica Nova at Musrara Mix Festival. Musrara School of Arts, Jerusalem. Curator: Ilan Geen, 2016.
Wave/Line/Shadow, Musica Nova. HaTeiva, Yaffo. 2016.  
Musica Nova hosts Subotnick/LaBarbara. HaTeiva, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yoni Niv, 2016.
Open Rehearsal. Israel Music Holiday Festival. Elma, Zikhron Ya’aKov. 2017.
Musica Nova at ContComp Festival for New Music. University of Haifa, Haifa, 2017.
Tectonics Festival. HaTeiva, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ilan Volkov, 2017.
Vorstellungsrepräsentanz. Mekudeshet Festival, Jerusalem. Curator: Itay Mountner, 2017.
Musica Nova at ContComp Festival for New Music. University of Haifa, Haifa, 2018.  
Musica Nova ״Poem Balev״. Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shira Legman, 2018.
Back2back Musica Nova hosts JACK Quartet. HaTeiva, Yaffo. Curator: Yoni Niv, 2018.
Acoustic Felids: Musica Nova. HaTeiva, Yaffo. Curator: Maayan Tzadka. 2018.
Quantum. Musica Nova hosts Faust. HaTeiva, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tom Solovietzik, 2018.
Musica Nova and Ensemble Hyperion. Tectonics Festival. Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ilan Volkov, 2018.
Ess. Musica Nova at HaMazkeka, Jerusalem. Curators: Tom Solovietzik and Yoni Niv, 2018.
Tel Aviv Flora and Fauna. Musica Nova, HaTeiva, Yaffo. Curator: Tom Solovietzik, 2019.
The Viola in My Life: Musica Nova hosts Frantz Loriot. Pyramida, Haifa. Curator: Tom Solovietzik 2019.
Musica Nova, Print-Screen Festival. The Israeli Center of Digital Art. Curator: Lior Zalmanson, 2019.
Apsilon. With Anat Shamgar, Mandel Studio, Tel-Aviv, 2022.
Apsilon. With Anat Shamgar, Shemi Gallery, Kabri, 2022.

Festivals and Events Abroad
Rashomon. For String Trio and B. Clarinet. KNM Berlin (Kammerensemble Neue Musik). Goethe Institute, New York, 2007.
Prolongation (with Elad Shniderman). For Chamber Orchestra. ICE (International Music Ensemble), Merkin Hall, New York, 2008.
Reality of the Corn. Flute, Percussion, Electronics and 16 mm Film (David Schmidlapp), Due East. Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, 2008.
Extrusion. For Baritone Sax, Soprano Sax, Percussion and analog Electronics. Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, 2009.
Rashomon II. For String Trio, B. Clarinet and Visuals. The Italian Academy, New York, 2009.
Formaldehyde. For chamber orchestra. Argento Ensemble, Skrilball Center, New York. 2010.  
Five Part Series Composition (with Alex Ness). For Analog Electronics and Resonating Objects. The Stone, New York, 2011.
Etz. For String Octet. JACK Quartet & Mivos Quartet. Tenri Cultural Institute, New York. 2011.  
Nach Der Hielung. ThingNY, 7 Immediacies Series, New York, 2012.
Toys Opera: multi-media installation. Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center. New York, 2012.

Participation in Conferences

Invited Lectures/Colloquium Talks  

Grants and Competitions

MacCracken Fellowship. Graduate School of Art and Science, New York University, 2007-2012.
Graduate School of Arts and Science Music Department Award, New York University, 2011.
Graduate School of Arts and Science Music Department Award, New York University, 2010.
USS Donald & Mary Ellen Passantino Scholarship, The City University of New York, 2006.

Teaching: courses taught in recent years

Professional Experience
Co-Artistic Director at Ensemble Musica Nova, 2012-2020.
Curator at De Facto, Series for New and Improvised Music. New York, 2008-2010.

Articles and Scores) Not Peer-Reviewed (
A-Political Culture Amongst Young Israeli Artists. Tav Plus, Journal of Music, Arts and Society, 2004.
Pressure, La Mer. With Alex Ness. Animated Score. PaaLabRes, 2017.
Memory Machines. Maarav Journal for Art & Culture. Issue 26. Yoni Niv: Editor, 2019.

Published Audio Works
Potential Spaces. Sax, Percussions and Electronics. 2008.
5 Audio-Visual Compositions (with Alex Ness). Carrier Records, 2011.
Tel Aviv Flora and Fauna. by Tom Solovietzik. Suppedaneum Records, 2020.
A*rray#5. Andy Graydon and Ensemble Musica Nova. 2021.
Memories from the Future: Rameau. (with Alex Ness). For solo Harpsicord. Anthology of Contemporary Israeli Music for Piano and Harpsichord. Hagai Yodan: Harpsichord. (Forthcoming), 2022.


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